Terrorist Attacks in NewZealand: Bangladesh cricket team narrowly escaped the mosque attack


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During the firing at the Al-Noor Mosque on Christchurch in New Zealand, the Bangladeshi cricket team was present there. Although this was not the first such terrorist attack when the game was affected in this way.

After this attack, the entire world of the game has got hit. Bangladesh cricket team is currently on New Zealand tour. The third test match series between the two teams was to be played in Christchurch from 16th March, but it is now canceled.

Let’s talk about some such incidents:

In 2009, the Sri Lankan cricket team was on tour to Pakistan. Meanwhile, the second Test match between the two teams commenced from March 1 at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. Pakistan won the toss and decided to bowl first.

The Sri Lankan team batted first with 606 runs in the first innings. By the end of the match on the second day of the match (March 2), Pakistan had scored 110 runs on 1 wicket loss.

On the third day of the match (March 3), Sri Lankan cricketers boarded the bus and left for the hotel to go to Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. Meanwhile, about 12 terrorists attacked the bus on the way.

 In the attack, six players, including former Sri Lankan team player and captain Mahela de Silva Jayawardene, vice-captain Kumar Sangakkara were injured. Security forces present with the team responded to the terrorists taking action.

The attackers also hit with rocket launchers on the team’s bus, but Sri Lanka cricketers are very lucky and the terrorist missed the target. Sri Lankan team reached the stadium to save as well.

After the attack, the Sri Lankan government immediately withdraw the players from Pakistan. Sri Lankan players were transported from the stadium with a helicopter to the airport.

Sri Lanka government decided no international match has been played on Pakistani soil since this attack. Due to security reasons. However in 2015 zimbabwe team toured Pakistan and started international cricket again, but most of the countries avoided visiting Pakistan.

Israeli players attack on 1972 in Munich Olympics where 8 Palestinians were attacked by terrorists. Two Israeli players were killed in this attack and 9 players were imprisoned. All 9 players were later killed by a terrorist.

After the 1936 Berlin Olympics, for the first time in September 1972, the Olympics was to be held in Germany. The Israeli players were very worried about the conditions of their country.

The attacker went straight into the building where the Israeli players were present and attacked the players. They tried to save themselves, but two players were killed during this period. Two players managed to escape and 9 players were taken captive.

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