Virat Kohli said, We are very Confident for World Cup 2019


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Indian Cricket Team captain Virat Kohli, despite losing 2-3 in the one-day series against Australia, made it clear on Wednesday that he has finalized the final eleven for the upcoming World Cup. He said that there is only one place which has not been decided yet.

It is understood that Virat pointed to batting on fourth order, for which at least five players have been tried so far.

After the ODI, Kohli said, “We have become very clear about the Final XI Players for the World Cup. We know the right combination for the World Cup.

This is about the braking on the decisions we had taken during the last three matches of the series and did not work. We have to decide how to deal with situations of pressure.

“We made our players aware of the conditions of pressure because we wanted to see how they responded during such situations.”

During the prize distribution ceremony, Kohli also said that players have explained their position on the team and he said that now the players will have to play their role and hoping for the best result.

Probably now there is only one place we are discussing. We are not making excuses for the defeat. We had the hope of raising the level of our cricket.

Changes in the team will never be an excuse. We will take part in the World Cup with great confidence.

Kohli congratulated Australia on his victory and said that no one in the Indian dressing room is afraid of losing in the series. He said that it is not that such a thing has not happened.

Kohli said about the defeat of his team and the performance of the Australian team, of course, we had thought of achieving this goal, but in the end, they snatched victory from us. Altogether, Australia deserved to win. They played with more passion, hunger, and heart.

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