World Cup: Gautam Gambhir says India will be in top 4, but will need Virat


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Gautam Gambhir told Virat Kohli the need of a team in England. Gambhir has written in his article that the Indian team will need Virat’s strength there. Apart from this, Gambhir is sure that the Indian team will definitely make it to the top 4 that means the semi-finals.

Gambhir writes in praise of Virat, “I do not know whether Virat Kohli is a statue of Madame Tussauds in London or as it is in New Delhi. This is a magnificent work, but it does not show the intensity and energy of Virat. India is one of my 4 semi-finalists. However, it is necessary to have such a need.

In the article, Gambhir writes that other semi-finalists than India can be Australia, England and New Zealand. In the praise of the teams, he said, ‘In Australia, I am more confident because of his coach and of course his team. Due to being the coach of Langer, I think his management skill is a big strength for the Australian team. It is a fact that he is never the most talented batsman but he knows his role perfectly.

In the praise of England and New Zealand, Gambhir wrote, “If runs are needed, then they have batsmen attacking. If the opposition is making runs then they have good ballers. England has drawn a line It is important for them that they should match the rest of the team. I have worked with Egon Morgan for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Believe me that their good luck and charms will work. England’s beautiful New Jersey bus will boost Morgan’s magic.

Referring to the terrorist incidents in different parts of the world in the past, Gambhir wrote that the security of players and spectators for them is first of all. Since the 2012 Olympics, a school in Peshawar has been attacked and recently a mosque in New Zealand has been attacked. Now that I am writing a preview of this mega cricket event, I want to share that the security of the people related to it is paramount for me.


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