Arsenal eyes are on first title win, final from Chelsea today; Henrikh will not play for safety reasons


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Arsenal will face Chelsea from 12.30pm on Wednesday night in the finals of the UEFA Europa League. On one hand, Arsenal’s eyes will be on the first title win. At the same time, Chelsea would want to win the title for the second time. They last won the final in 2013. At the same time, Arsenal’s team lost the final in 2000. This match will be played at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan. For the first time, four teams in the Europa League and Champions League finals are from England. The Champions League final will be played on June 1 between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

Arsenal midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan decided not to play in this match. They decided this because of a political dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia in their country. Makhitriana expressed concerns about the security arrangements. This is not the first time that they decided not to play in an Arsenal match. Earlier, he did not play in the group round against Azerbaijan’s club Karabagh.

Arsenal’s team was defeated by Turkish club Glattasare 19 years ago in the final. At the same time, Chelsea defeated Club Benfica 6 years ago by defeating Portugal’s title. 197 matches have been played between Chelsea and Arsenal so far. Arsenal won 77 and Chelsea won 63 matches. 57 matches are drawn. This season, both teams will be face-to-face for the third time. Earlier, in the Premier League, both of them had a match each.

The capacity of the Baku Stadium is 68 thousand. For this match, 6-6 thousand tickets were distributed for the fans of both the teams, but till now all have not been sold. Tickets are still available on UEFA’s official website. According to media reports, there is more money for tourism in Azerbaijan. From this, the fans of both English clubs are not going there.


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