Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Minor Injury During The Match


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Portugal played for Euro 2020 qualifier match against Serbia and both the teams scored 1-1. During the match (Portugal Vs Serbia), the Portugal team suffered a setback when Italy’s club Juventus striker Ronaldo was injured.

According to the BBC report, this is the second consecutive draw of Portugal in the qualifying round. Earlier, on Friday, Portugal played a groundless draw against Ukraine.

Portugal kept possession of the ball for most of the time against Serbia but on most occasions, Portugal players did not score. The first goal by Portugal was in the 42 minutes.

Portugal started a strike and in the seventh minute, the Serbian team got penalties. Danilo Luís Hélio Pereira put the ball in the goal and gave his team a (1-0) lead.

After lagging behind a goal, the Portuguese attacks several times on the opposite team and equaled the score before the first half finished.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a foot injury in the 31 minutes of the match, due to which he had to leave the ground. He said, “I will get more information about this in the next 24 or 48 hours, it happens, if you go to the rain then you get wet and hopefully I will be able to return in the next one or two weeks.”

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