Japan’s 52-Year-Old FootBaller Completed His 34th Season


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The 52-year-old Japanese footballer Kazuyoshi Miura played for Yokohama FC team. This was the first professional football match after two years of Kazuyoshi Miura.

Kazuyoshi is the world’s oldest professional footballer. The current season is the 34th season of his career.

Kazuyoshi Miura played 89 International matches from Japan They played the last match from Japan 19 years ago. Yokohama FC, the second-level Japan team, had contracted with casual name Kazuyoshi Miura in January this year.

Then he became the oldest footballer to receive professional contracts. Kazuyoshi Miura played 54 minutes against JFF FC on the home ground of Yokohama Football Club.

Yokohama FC won 2-0 in this match. The first Japanese recipient of the Asian Player of the Year award in 1993. Kazuyoshi Miura started playing in Brazil in 1986 at the age of 19 on behalf of Brazilian club Santos.

He returned to Japan in 1990 and then started playing in the Japan League.

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