Neymar accused of raping a woman, she put the video on Instagram


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According to Brazilian police documents, an unknown woman has accused veteran football player Neymar for raping last month in Paris. After this disclosure, the player added a seven-minute video on Instagram, which includes Whatsapp messages. Neymar said that he is being framed and this is an attempt to fray money from him. According to the documents, this incident took place at a hotel on May 15 at 8:20 pm. The woman filed a complaint to the police in São Paulo on Friday.

The Public Security Secretariat of São Paulo State Police, who visited the police department, has confirmed in the statement that the complaint has been filed but they refused to give more information. Once again, due to the incident outside the ground, headlines came, Neymar said that he got trapped in the trap and would take lessons from this incident.

Neymar said, “It was a relationship between the woman and the man in the closed room. The next day nothing happened. “He said,” I hope the investigators will read the messages and see what happens. “


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