Neymar is Suffering for Ankle Fracture, Revealed in an Interview


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Brazilian superstar Neymar said on Friday that he is suffering for ankle ligament fracture effect in his right leg and he was operated by the doctor of the Brazilian national team, where Brazil lost to Belgium in the quarter-finals.

In an interview on Sunday, Neymar reveals a problem in his right ankle affected his recovery in Russia tournament, In ligament fracture in the same foot he described earlier. He added, “The ankle is always annoying because it takes a long time to recover.”

“Neymar said the midfoot injury had not disturbed him inappropriately in the Russian tournament, and Brazil Association of Football was eliminated my name from the quarter-finals of Belgium because of I unable to give my best performances during the tournament.”

PSG Paris Saint-Germain Football Club is hoping for a possible quarter-final Champions League in April, which they can reach as favorites as they have won 2-0 against Manchester United in the second round.

“It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world, every player of Real Madrid is looking for would play there. I am very happy at PSG. But nobody knows the future, he said.”

“When people say that Neymar’s life outside of the place is causing him problems on the court … no. They are completely wrong, I am not bothering him. I am a man who takes care of myself. I know when I can go out” Neymar said.

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