Valencia won the title of Copa del Rey by defeating Barcelona by 2-1


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Seville, AFP Valencia defeated Spanish football club Barcelona 2-1 to win the Copa del Rey title. To forget about the unexpected loss in the Champions League, Barcelona was looking for a title to win in Copa del Rey, but once again it had to face reversal.

Barcelona, ​​looking for a fifth consecutive title, was thrilled by the zeal of the Valencia team in the final. In the second half for Barcelona, ​​Leon Messi (73rd) scored a goal, raising the hopes of returning, but in Seville, Valencia did not allow the La Liga champion to succeed in his mind. Prior to Messi’s goal, Kevin Gamero (21st minute) and Rodrigo (33rd minute) made the goal of Valencia two goals. Even after this, Valencia got some good opportunities to score goals, but he could not convert those opportunities into goals. Especially, Goncalo Guidiz of Valencia has a good chance to score twice. Valencia won the Copa del Rey title for the first time since 2008, while this tournament has its total eighth title.

In recent days, there were reports of the removal of Valencia manager Marcelino, but he would also be relieved after this victory. After the victory of Marcelino, he jumped happily, while the players of Barcelona were disappointed at the face. After winning the title, Barcelona said that we always believed. Winning the Cup is very special to beat Barcelona. We were entitled to victory. Meanwhile, Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde said that when a coach loses, you want to overcome him and present the challenge again. I know that losing to this club is very difficult. Barcelona head Josef Maria Bartomeu said that I do not think there is any mistake of the manager in it. We have always said that Ernesto’s contract is to the next session.


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