Youth Olympic Games: Indian U-18 men and women Hockey Team Finish with Silver


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The Indian under-18 hockey team completed with a silver medal at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games on Monday. The men’s group finished their crusade with a silver award subsequent to going down 2-4 against Malaysia while the women’s group lost 1-3 against Argentina. Argentina made history by winning their first historically speaking Olympic gold in the women’s hockey in any classification as Gianella Palet, Sofia Ramallo and Brisa Bruggesser scored for the hosts. Mumtaz Khan was the solitary objective scorer for India. The under 18 men, likewise finished their crusade with a silver decoration in the wake of going down 2-4 against Malaysia in the finals.

In the women’s final, India’s U-18 group began the first time frame well, assaulting Argentina appropriate from the beginning of the medal. The reward pursued soon as in-frame forward Mumtaz Khan got the ball in 49th second, giving India an early lead in the match. Argentina, not long after in the wake of surrendering the objective, played a counter-assaulting diversion to put weight on India. The hosts found the equalizer in the seventh moment with Gianella Palet (7′) putting the ball in the Indian net. Sofia Ramallo (9′), at that point scored to turn the match around and push their side to a 2-1 lead at half-time.

In the second 50% of the diversion, the host kept the greater part of the ownership, not enabling the Indian group to discover space or make possibilities. It was Brisa Bruggesser, who had the primary genuine shot of the second time frame in the twelfth moment, and the Midfielder ensured that she hit the objective, giving her group a strong 3-1 lead. The home group in the wake of scoring the third objective looked steadfast in barrier, and shut down the Indians at whatever point they had ownership, denying them any chance to score. Argentina, supported by their group, ensured that they dealt with the amusement well, as they kept ownership and saw themselves through to the last shriek to enroll a memorable Gold Medal triumph.

The Indian U-18 Women’s group likewise made history, winning the silver decoration at the Youth Olympic Games on their first endeavor coordinating the Men’s group’s accomplishment, who lost to Malaysia before in the day to complete with the silver.

Chinese U-18 ladies won the bronze award with a 6-0 defeat of South Africa, while the Argentine U-18 men took bronze cordiality a 4-0 prevail upon Zambia.


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