The French Open Winners Will Get a Price Amount 23 Million Euros


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The organizers of the French Open Tennis Tournament announced to increase the tournament’s total prize money by eight percent. Total prize money of second Grand Slam of the year has increased to 4.26 million Euros.

The organizers also inaugurated the new court for the tournament. According to the report, the male and female players who are out of qualifying or losing in the first round will get the maximum benefit from this.

Players who reach the next round will now get 46,000 euros, which is 15 percent more than the previous year. Men and women players who win the title of the tournament will earn 23 million euros and the players who reach the final will be given 11.8 million euros.

If you talk about Indian currency, then the singles title winner will receive prize money of around Rs 18 crore. The prize money for the winners and the players who reached the finals have increased by 5.36 percent. Players were also demanding an increase in prize money for a long time.

Even though the organizers have increased the amount by eight percent in it, but it will be beneficial to the players for the first time

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