Unsung heroes: 7 Excellent WWE wrestlers who have yet to hold a major title


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Call them the best-kept secrets of the WWE; call them top-tier athletes with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. However, don’t call them champion because they haven’t won major titles…yet.

They are the unsung heroes of WWE, those fantastically skilled wrestlers who have yet to break through to the mid and upper card. Possessed of all the tools they need to be main event superstars, these wrestlers are still languishing far down the card instead of utilizing their talents to send WWE into the new era of wrestling.

Here are seven great wrestlers under WWE contract who have yet to taste major league gold.

#1 Kairi Sane

Photo :- NXT TV

Considered by many to be one of the best wrestlers on the planet — male or female — Kairi Sane won the inaugural Mae Young tournament….and hasn’t done much else since.

While WWE might be avoiding giving Sane a push because they don’t want her portrayed as ‘another Asuka,’ at this point it’s kind of strange she isn’t used in a higher spot on the card. With her energy, psychology, high-risk mentality, and glamour girl good looks she could be the top star on Smackdown or Raw or at least reign as NXT women’s champion.

#2 Kyle O’Reilly

Photo :- WWE.COM

Yes, O’Reilly is one-half of the NXT tag team champions, but he could do so much more for WWE as a singles star.

O’Reilly is a former ROH world champion and has held singles titles all over the world. Despite being a successful and renowned tag wrestler, he has repeatedly stated his goal is to be WWE world champion someday.

O’Reilly is in his prime and is already considered one of the best Junior heavyweight wrestlers in the world. His confrontations with AJ Styles in ROH were instant classics, and fans would love to see him face a top-tier talent like Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura.

#3 Luke HarperEnter caption

Photo :- WWE.COM

Another victim of being typecast as a tag wrestler, Luke Harper is, simply put, the best big man on ANY federation’s roster today.

He’s technical and smooth as an underwater lake, but also brings unmitigated power and brawling ability to the table. Luke Harper could be putting on five-star matches with AJ Styles for the WWE Heavyweight title…if they would only let him.

#4 Zack Ryder

Photo :- WWE.COM

With more than ten years of experience and a great look, it’s surprising that Ryder hasn’t held major gold as of yet.

True, he won the Intercontinental title, but it was quickly snatched away from him and he was returned to the dreaded Hype Brothers gimmick.

The fans have always embraced Ryder, and giving him a push to the top of the card would reward those stalwarts who have been watching WWE for years just because Ryder works there.

#5 Dakota Kai

Photo :- WWE.COM

The New Zealand native brings a wealth of experience, striking ability, and toughness to compliment her beauty. Kai’s ring style is exciting to behold and she can work good matches with a variety of different opponents.

Unfortunately, despite an impressive showing at the Mae Young Classic, all Kai has done since joining NXT is get bullied and/or beaten by Shayna Baszler. Kai should be putting on great matches with Charlotte and Becky Lynch, not languishing at the bottom of the roster on NXT.

#6 Neville

Photo :- WreslingNews

Neville hasn’t been on WWE television for months because he’s sitting out his contract at home. He and the WWE have failed to come to terms on his character or storyline direction, and he was disgruntled over what he considered a bad t-shirt design.

While Neville might be a bit of a prima donna, he is also one of the most skilled, most phenomenal workers in wrestling today. When and if he reaches an understanding with WWE, he needs to be on Raw or Smackdown in the main event picture.

The upper card has grown stale in WWE in recent years and is in need of fresh blood, and Neville could be the next Shawn Michaels.

#7 Buddy Murphy

Photo :- SportsKeeda

Buddy Murphy is the poster child for being unsung. Despite being experienced, technical, and outrageously athletic (as seen by his recent match against Mustafa Ali) he continues to be pushed aside in favor of less talented men.

Murphy was in NXT for a long time, and his recent ‘promotion’ to 205 Live has given him a chance to shine but is ultimately a waste of his talents. Murphy is like Bret Hart mixed with Rey Mysterio with a little bit of Randy Savage thrown in for spice. He could be a major star for WWE…if given the opportunity.

There you have it: Seven of the WWE’s best kept secret superstars. Who do you think deserves to be pushed higher?  Please comment and let us know.



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