Is Wrestlemania fooling us with encounter of John Cena vs The Undertaker?


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For weeks? No. Not even for months. It has probably been for years now that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been questioned over speculations around the dream encounter of John Cena versus The Undertaker. “The Champ is here”, “the Champ” is still here and with ‘The Phenom’ being the cynosure of the very word ‘Wrestlemania’ and even continuing to lighten up the annual event despite the end of his ‘Streak’, WWE universe, on numerous occasions had clubbed the heavyweights to weave a thrilling dream battle. Opportunities came and went with umpteen showstoppers to indulge in the Wrestlemania headline and finally, Cena finally revealed, “that match is not happening.”

Cena announced that he was calling out Undertaker for a WrestleMania match Monday on Raw, but he followed it up by saying that his request was impossible and he was headed to SmackDown to find a new path to the April 8 pay-per-view.

The two men have never squared off at WrestleMania, and time is running out on the dream match. If WWE is going to make Cena vs. Undertaker happen before the Deadman truly retires, it needs to happen this year.

Though many wrestling fans thought Undertaker was retiring following his matchup last year against Roman Reigns due to the Deadman leaving his hat and gloves in the ring, the entire company seems to have backed off that stance.

Not only did Undertaker show up once again on the 25th anniversary of Raw to cut a vague promo, but the commentators also stopped saying he was retired and subtly teased that his career could be over. When the Deadman does eventually retire, he’s not coming back.


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