WWE Blog: A final match RAW before the Greatest Royal Rumble 23rd April, 2018


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RAW came to us from St. Louis, MO, this week in what was the go-home show for the Greatest Royal Rumble. There were some hits and there have been some misses. As always, we shall chronicle our feelings in this article. Our favourite segments will be dubbed’Best’and the segments we didn’t like-‘Worst ‘.

As always, we invite you to generally share your thoughts in regards to the show. Did you think it absolutely was a worthy show for the Greatest Royal Rumble? How excited are you currently for the next grand pay-per-view this month after WrestleMania?

Moreover, we want to congratulate RAW for staying on air for 1300 successful episodes. Few others have managed a feat this grand.

Since we’ve said all we needed seriously to, let’s find out if WWE delivered or not, this week!

Best: A ruthless duo

There is plenty of humour with this week’s show. A few of it was really quite good. We are glad to report that Ziggler and McIntyre mean business. They don’t fall into the cheesy humour camp and that’s quite heartening.

Ziggler and McIntyre have been dubbed by some as the newest Shawn Michaels and Diesel. We guess it might be too soon to place the duo for the reason that bracket, but the fact remains that they’re both incredible athletes and they’re great on the microphone too. We especially loved the promos they cut after their match with Titus Worldwide.

We wonder if they will challenge for the RAW Tag Team Championships later on after a champion is crowned at the Greatest Royal Rumble this Friday. They’re nothing beats any other team on the roster and similar to Samoa Joe have a seriousness about them that’s heartening to see.

 Worst: Lesnar kicking off the show

Brock Lesnar did not get a hot welcome from the St. Louis crowd. This is because Heyman rattled off the same kind of promo yet again and Reigns came forth to really have a staredown. No blows were thrown and no storyline was advanced. Lesnar’s appearances on RAW have grown to be the newest bathroom break spot.

It had been also silly to equate a WWE steel cage and a UFC octagon, in our opinion. The WWE Universe of today is savvy and not easily misled, we believe.

source: sportskeeda


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