WWE updates: Matt Hardy on his favorite Wrestlemania moments and top tag team in WWE


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Hardy Boyz – ruled the tag team division of the WWE along with equally compelling teams like the Dudleys and Edge and Christian for a considerable amount of time, and when the real-life brothers left the company in 2010 after a very successful stint, it looked certain that the Hardys may not be seen in the WWE ever again.

They made a surprise return at Wrestlemania 33 winning the RAW Tag team Championship – an unprecedented 11th Tag Team titles for the duo in pro-wrestling.

“It was a very nice surprise,” said Matt about the return nearly an year ago, that shocked the WWE Universe. “It was truly kept a secret till that point. We literally just arrived at the building before walking down the ramp to the ring. The adrenaline of being snuck in and going in to that massive ovation, in front of that sea of humanity was very very special and definitely one of the top moments of my career.”

Alongside his brother Jeff, Matt helped to revolutionize tag team wrestling in The Attitude Era, capturing the Tag Team Championships again and again in iconic battles against the likes of Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz. The legendary bouts incorporated amazing innovations in the form of groundbreaking Ladder Matches and, soon after, the first TLC Matches.


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